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We are a small Private organisation funded and being handled by the small group of students of Diploma Engineering, We are here to provide you contents of diploma which you will need throughout your polytechnic career, We have uploaded the Ebooks of Second Semester to our google database drive 


Ebooks of Second Semester are same for all branch in Diploma Engineering, You can Download the Ebooks through the link embed into the download button below by their Subject, In Second there are Subjects Namely Physics, Chemistry, Professional Practice, Workshop, Programming C, Communication Skills and Labrotary

If you want to Download Syllabus  of Second Semester Click Here

Ebooks Description

  • Chemsitry
  • Physics
  • Programming in C
  • Professional Practice
  • Mathematics
  • Workshop

Ebooks of Second Semester

Syllabus of Second  Semester – Download

Chemistry All Notes

Alloy Notes – Download

Corrosion Notes – Download

Electrochemistry Notes – Download

Lubricant & Lubrication – Download

Metals – Download

Non Metals – Download

Paint & Varnishes – Download

Water – Download


Download Ebooks of Chemistry


These are all from Nirali Publications

Book Part 1 – Download

Book Part  2 – Download

Book Part 3 – Download

Chemistry Notes – Download

Download Ebooks of Physics

These are all from Nirali Publications

Book Part 1 – Download

Book Part  2 – Download

Physics Notes – Download

Download Ebooks of Mathematics

These are all from Nirali Publications

Applications of Derivatives – Download

Complex Numbers – Download

Functions & Relations – Download

Limits – Download 


Download Ebooks of Programming in C

Programming in C Ebooks of Nirali Publications – Download

Programming in C Ebooks of Jhunjhunwala Publications – Download

Download Notes of Workshop

Workshop Part 1 – Download

Workshop Part 2 – Download

Download Notes of Communications Skills

Communications Skills part 1 – Download

Communications Skills part 2 – Download

Communications Skills part 3 – Download

Communications Skills part 4 – Download

Communications Skills part 5 – Download

Communications Skills part 6 – Download

Communications Skills part 7 – Download

Communications Skills part 8 – Download

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