Knowledge is not the key to Success-Experts

Knowledge is not the success -‘Experts.’ But why?

I would like to ask you three[3] simple questions that are:-

1. Why do we go to school or colleges?
2. Why do we study?
3. Why do we need a job to succeed in our life goals?

I would like to tell you that before moving further try to think and answer the questions by yourself.

Well, it’s true that the answer of 97% of people are the same as usual because everyone likes to participate in the rat race as prescribed by our ancestors or our society. The first common answer
to our first question is likely, to be honest, we go to school or colleges to study and gather a lot of knowledge and success. Yup, it’s right to some extent. So before proceeding towards our
‘Experts’ let us try to find out the answer to the next questions. Most probably the answer to studying is for Knowledge. Likewise, the answer to having a job is for earning a lot of money and become wealthy.

Did you notice above that our final destination is earning a lot of money, money, and money? Some 3% of people call it greed, but does it make any sense, obviously – No. When you go to the shops or the shopping malls or the supermarket, you didn’t have to pay your knowledge for the products you just bought to survive. When your parents send you to schools or colleges it’s not the knowledge that the schools and the offices charge for education, it’s simply the money. Have you ever thought that they are selling their knowledge for money and they are not
giving you a single penny for the knowledge that you have gained there? Think about it for a while, and try to answer by yourself.

For the last 250 years, the education system is continuously forcing the students and the youths to gather more and more knowledge. Yes, it’s good but on its darker side, it continuously
degraded creativity, skills, and self-thinking ability by its judgment with the knowledge of marks! We are so much involved in this system that we ignored the fact that knowledge
is meaningless without experience. Just like we are without Oxygen.

It’s just a traditional belief that knowledge is the key to success. As I think of it Experience is the basic foundation of knowledge and success. We can’t even imagine the subjects
that the system is teaching us without the experience of creative thinkers. The knowledge of Science, Commerce, and Arts that we are gaining was actually the experience of the thinkers
like- Einstein, Newton, warren Buffet, Nikola Tesla, Bill Gates, and so on and on.

If we have completely remembered the theory of Relativity of Einstein doesn’t mean that we became Einstein or our IQ goes high rapidly as Sir Einstein. And so Aryabhatta by defining Zero.

We must focus on how those rational thinkers were able to revolutionize the world, how they brought innovation, and since then enlightened beyond the universe.

That’s all for knowledge and the study for knowledge leaving behind the experience, the real vision.

Now let’s come to our next question of getting a job. You know the answer but let’s see on the other side. After getting a job We have to work by using our experience, not the theoretical knowledge that we have studied. When you started riding the bicycle, do you think it was your knowledge that made you run it? Just like that, there is no use of knowledge without
experience. The companies or the services we join to become successful are actually the experiences or the action started by some creative thinker. In the name of success, we join them by losing
our creativity our own rational thinking, and our own dream to complete someone else’s dream.

Knowledge is a good thing, but the system made it so critical that it may lead us towards failure also. Just have a look at the success determining Exams that is the – IITs, NEET,
UPSC, SSC, NTSE, KVPY, and so on. Millions of students appear with their knowledge in these success boards but only a handful gets success and rest are the Experienced like us. It’s also the reservation in knowledge where the success rate can be altered by knowledge. The candidates having less knowledge are getting selected meanwhile the latter is rejected. I’m just arguing with the fact about how the system pf knowledge is making success.

I conclude this with, “it’s the experience that we study in terms of knowledge”. Have you remembered Darwin’s theory – Survival of the fittest?


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