When Jio was launched (27 December 2015) and was providing free services, everyone said it
would fail when it will stop providing its free services. But, it didn’t happen. why?
There are many factors but the main factor is the positive influence on the customer’s brain.
Many people think that if they will make their products or websites decorative then their sales will
boost up. But, unfortunately, nobody gives a fuck about it. I’m not saying it’s not important, it’s
important but responsible for a very little part of the “science behind the attraction of the customer”.
If you understand human psychology and can influence the brain of people then you will be
By seeing the topic hope you understand that it’s a blog on marketing strategy.
In this blog, two marketing strategies will be provided, based on market research.
Our first marketing strategy is the “contrast principle”

So let me explain it by an example

It’s known as Ebbinghaus illusion.

Didn’t understand, don’t worry I’m here.
Now, let that you went to a cloth store, where the shop owner shows you many shirts above the
price range of Rs.1000, You liked the shirts but, unfortunately, they are not in your budget, then
the shop owner shows you a shirt of Rs.800 which is in your budget and fulfills your requirements too.
Will you buy it?
Definitely, you will buy it. It’s the “CONTRAST PRINCIPLE” Where the salesman shows you
expensive products first and then the cheaper one.
Hope you understand.
Here are some examples of contrast principles:

So, let’s discuss our second and last marketing strategy:-
It’s the most important one “social proof”
Now assume that you are traveling a long distance by your vehicle and you are
Case 1: you took your mobile and searched for nearby restaurants and you found
two restaurants nearby you. Restaurant 1 is having a 4.8/5 rating and restaurant 2
have a 3.8/5 rating.
Which one will you select?
Of course Restaurant 1.
Now discuss case 2:-
You checked your phone and it’s dead. Now, while traveling you saw two restaurants
faced each other on both sides of the road.
Lots of cars are parked in front of restaurant 1
And a very few cars are parked in front of restaurant 2
Which one will you choose?
Social proves is one of the most important factors in the growth of a business.
Hope you understand.
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